Addressing the issues

Don's Objectives As College Of DuPage Trustee​

  • To provide strong, principled leadership in accordance with COD's values
  • To champion the cause of equal access for everyone
  • To ensure a fair deal for all employees of the College
  • To faithfully steward the resources that have been allocated to the College
  • To earn and maintain the trust of the people of the district
  • To find and remove barriers for student pathways to success in both their career and education

Don's Philosophy

Effective Leadership

Relationship Building

Finding Meaning

Effective leadership means making timely decisions and setting clear priorities. It is also key to have a clear vision and have passion for the vision. 

Building trust comes from spending time together, not delegating and walking away. 

Everyone would like to be part of something important. Finding that for yourself and helping others on their journey are both equally significant. 

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